Retail Liquor License

Get professional assistance when applying for a liquor license with Neil M Visoky Attorney at Law in Staten Island, New York. For this service, we assist restaurants, nightclubs, and other types of establishments where alcohol is served.

Licencing - Liquor License

Licensing Process

Applying for an on-premise liquor license in New York City is a complex process. The NYC liquor board requires bars and restaurants to notify the local community boards 30 days prior to filing for a liquor license. A community board vigorously reviews the applicant's background, their method of operation, their location within the community, and the physical location where a proposed business will be located.

After taking many factors into consideration, they provide a recommendation on whether an application should be approved. It is critical that a NYC liquor lawyer be hired to assist an applicant in this tedious process, which ultimately helps avoid any delays in the approval process. There are also other hurdles that may come up in putting in an application with the NY Liquor Authority, such as the 500 and 700 foot hearing if necessary.

Licensing Representation

At our firm, we have experienced lawyers dedicated to helping your business succeed. Our office is well-equipped to handle other matters, such as corporate change applications, alteration applications, method of operation changes, and any and all other disciplinary matters.

It is critical that you explain to the board that the giving of this license is for the public convenience and advantage. Other factors that the board looks at are the experience of the applicant and if the area where the proposed liquor store will be located is saturated with other liquor stores. A lawyer is the best one to represent you if neighboring liquor stores oppose your store going into a location that they feel is too close to their business.

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