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Start your business the right way with our help. Learn more information about applying for a liquor license.


Count on Neil M Visoky Attorney at Law in Staten Island, New York, for effective legal representation.  If you find yourself in trouble with a liquor licensing matter, let Neil M Visoky be your Liquor Lawyer.

Who We Are

Neil M Visoky Attorney at Law in Staten Island, New York, specializes in liquor license law. Our legal services are perfect for anyone opening a deli, supermarket, dance club, or any other establishment. Our owner is a retired New York City Police Lieutenant who worked with the New York City Police Department for more than 20 years. He has made many arrests and personally issued hundreds of violations similar to what a licensee may receive at their place of business.  Neil M Visoky is a qualified Liquor Attorney that has handled hundred of cases pertaining to liquor related matters.

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Contact us at (718) 370-0509 for more information on liquor license law.